How do automatic door systems work
How do automatic door systems work

How do automatic door systems work?

Door access control is a smart and easy way to protect your property. With the right system, front and rear inputs can be easily protected. In terms of access control, door access control systems operate in the same way as any other access control. It uses an electronically locked door, wired or wireless connection connected to the access control server or IP network.

When the credential (usually a PIN code or key card) is entered, the panel communicates with the server, verifies the credentials, and then sends an electronic signal to the door operator and control panel. The door can then be opened for authorized personnel to enter.

Most automatic door opening systems come with their own compatible access control panel and keypad, as specified by the manufacturer. However, most ONVIF compliant access control systems can work together if they are installed by a professional integrator.

Almost all door access control systems accept all credentials, such as swipe cards, prox cards, PIN codes, smart cards and biometric scanning. Many new systems can be integrated with video and IP intercom systems that provide more flexible and more powerful access control.

Automatic door systems are usually connected to the building’s power system, but they usually come with a backup power system, such as a 12-volt battery, so they can operate in the event of a power failure. Some models can be integrated with solar energy, but the backup battery is more practical and more reliable.